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What is the difference between a Membership and Trade Card?

Can we only shop if we are trade Customers?

No of course not!

Absolutely anyone is welcome into all of our 16 Whittington's Branches. We value each and every one of our customers, and exceptional customer care lies at the heart of Whittington's.

Whats the difference between a membership and a trade account?

We recommend memberships to anyone who shops with us. Our memberships are completely free, and will allow you to have exclusive discounts, the first to know of any in-store promotions, and exciting upcoming events.

Our Trade cards are in place for our business customers who spend a large amount of money on a regular basis with us.

We have an online Trade card application in which we can monitor and accept our trade customers. You can also set up your trade card in store with a member of management.

If you have any queries regarding setting up with a Trade Card, please send us an email or call up your nearest store.

What is a Membership card and what benefits do you get?

Membership cards are free to sign up in store, they are perfect for keeping up to date with any information, discounts, sales, and competitions.

By signing up you are the first to know of any exclusive deals, sales, and promotions!

By becoming a member you may be entitled to monthly discounts, be drawn in for free competitions, and of course one of the first to know of any general Whittington's must-know gossip!

So with so much to gain & being completely free, make sure you sign up when next in store to become part of the Whittington's Family.

How do I apply to be a member?

Applying to become a member with us is super easy, it's best to sign up with us in your nearest store when you pop in for a visit.

We have a quick application process in place which a friendly staff member will go through with you at the till. When signing up, we ask for your email so we can send you any relevant discounts to you! For example, if you are a florist shopping in store, you may receive florist discount days, rather than anything to do with wedding!

How do I qualify for a Trade Card?


We have an easy online application process in place, in which we monitor who we allow to become a Trade customer with Whittington's.

To apply simply go to our website and click on 'Trade Accounts'. Once you have filled your application, it can take between 3-5 working days to hear back as all applications are assessed internally by a member of staff.

Our trade applications are monitored regularly, to make sure you continue to qualify for having a trades account.

Our trades customers are welcome to contact us if they require a special or large order, in which we can help to put together.

The discount's you receive are subject to how big and consistent your orders may be. You can inquire via email if you need any further assistance before making an order with us as a Trade Customer.

Can I get a larger discount with a trade card?

Our trades customers are welcome to contact us if they require a special or large order, in which we can help to put together.

Depending on the size of your order it is a possibility we can provide you with a larger discount - you are best to get in contact with a member of staff with your order to discuss this further.

Who usually signs up for a Trade Cards?

Our usual customers who sign up for Trade Card's can be any of the following but not subject to;

Event companies, Hire & Venue Decoration, Hotels, Wedding Venues, Restaurants, Florist, Flower Arrangers, Wedding Stationary Companies, Catering Companies, Confectionary Companies, Retail Shops, Pubs, Online Sellers, Party Companies, Interior Designers, Funeral Providers, Wedding Car/Transport, Bridal Shops, Photographers & Videographers.

You can also simply have a business premises, website, or strong social media following to qualify.

If you are still in doubt, please contact us to see if you could qualify.