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How To Make A Fresh Flower Pumpkin Arrangement

How To Make A Fresh Flower Pumpkin Arrangement 

Halloween is around the corner, and of course there's no better way to celebrate than getting pumpkins out on your door step. This year, we wanted to bring you a way to get away from your typical triangle-eyed-cut outs, and have the prettiest pumpkin in the street! 

We have created you a step by step video on how you can make your own Fresh Flower Pumpkin arrangement, all by using products which you can find in our store. If fresh flower isn't to your liking, you can also look at doing one with a fake pumpkin and artificial flowers - but with the same process.

We have a couple of top tips before you start to make sure you have the best looking pumpkin of all!

  • When choosing a pumpkin, make sure it has a flat bottom, and it's big enough to a large top off
  • When you cut the lid off the pumpkin, make sure you cut about 1/3 off
  • Make sure you've scooped a nice flat surface at the bottom, so it rests steadily
  • Fill in any gaps with greenery, or alternatively you can use big leaves from the larger flower choices

Click Here To See Our Step By Step Video! 

Don't waste your pumpkin seeds!

Here at Whittingtons, we are passionate about doing what we can to avoid waste and save the environment, don't forget you can make your pumpkin scoop seeds into a bird feeder!

Once you have scooped the seeds out, give them a wash to remove most of the pulp. You can either spread them on the ground in the dry/warmer weather, or you an boil them for 10 minutes, then bake at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. Turn them over several times when in the oven, they will be ready to feed the birds when they have turned a slightly darker colour.